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Hi Hello... Where the hell have I've been?

Hi Hello... Where the hell have I've been?

Ohh hello there!

So let’s be real, I’ve been M.I.A for about a year ( give or take) and I’ve decided to make a come back. I’ve literally been paying for this blog for a year and haven’t posted a single thing ( PATHETIC I KNOW… GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER GIRL!) Okay so where was I? A lot’s changed in my life… well kinda not really but sort of .. YOU KNOW.

First things first I’m not the realest as my name’s not IGGY but first thing I moved. Before if you followed me on Instagram (or read this blog) you would know I was living in Ottawa. Born and raised in the nations capital and constantly hating my life every damn day. Since I was little I always wanted to move ( I had a sign on my door that said “Beverly Hills” when I was ten), finally I bit the bullet and did it. Two years ago I made a promise to myself that the follow fall I’d move. I had been dead set on moving to L.A, however when it came to logistics it wasn’t panning out ( for now). So what was the next best move? TORONTO… basically I decided at the beginning of August, I decided I would move my ass to Toronto. October came around and I booked a ticket to Toronto to find a place. Luckily when I was in Toronto ( HOW MANY TIMES WILL I SAY TORONTO??) I had a friend who messaged me saying she was looking for a roommate so that was probably the best and easiest thing that could’ve happened. We found a place on the 11th, signed the lease on the 13th and had the place on the 15th. So October was a little wild but I made it.

A couple of mental breakdowns, the ups and downs of moving and just trying to figure shit out( adulting is hard); it’s been a wild year but I made it. I don’t think I would have changed my experience at all. I’m so happy that I took the plung and did something completely out of my comfort zone. Do something once a day that scares you! If you’re every find yourself feeling unhappy or wanting to change or do something… DO IT! Why not take the risk, either it doesn’t work out and you move out or maybe it does, so see where it goes.

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