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" Strive for progress not perfect"

Hello loves! 

I have had such a productive day! I found lately, I've been lacking motivation and getting shit done. It's a vicious cycle once it gets started ( being unmotivated), personally I beat myself up over it and it just makes the matter worse. So yesterday I decided to put an end to it! 

So how do you find the motivation to "get shit done"? 

I'm going to give you my Top Secret check list on how to get your life back on track or find some motivation.

1. Get a good nights sleep 

Sleep is the key to everything is seems, but if you're suffering from lack of motivation you need to sleep, refresh yourself  and wake up the next day ready to take on your to-do list.

Don't let this be you!

Don't let this be you!

2. Make a list

Personally I like to make this list the night before, or plan out my week and the beginning. It helps me stay on task and I know the first thing I'm suppose to get done. 

3. Don't overwork yourself

Set reasonable expectations. If you put 100 things on your list, you're realistically not going to get them all done ( unless you don't follow my 1st tip!) You'll end up disappointed and  right back to where you started.

4. Exercise first thing

I try and workout first thing in the morning. First it gets me out of bed early and secondly after a morning workout; I feel as if I can take on the world. ( Lame I know but it works for me, don't knock it till you try it!)

These are my tips to help you find your motivation! Let me know if they work for you, or if you have any other tips that helps. 

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